CIS installation is not disabling Windows Firewall

CIS Version 3.8.64263.468

I installed CIS (both firewall and antivirus) on my laptop. Everything is working great, no issues so far. I can connect to the internet and all. But when I checked Windows Firewall, I noticed that it was running simultaneously to CIS. I had to manually disable it.

Is CIS supposed to automatically disable windows firewall during installation, or did I make a mistake disabling it manually?

Windows Vista Home Premium (with SP1)
Dell Inspiron 1720

As far as I know, whenever I have installed CFP/CIS in the past, the installer had always warned me to turn it off but didn’t do it manually. Doing it manually is fine. Windows Firewall is a pain IMO. One of my windows updates turned it on once (M$ (:AGY)) and it was running with CIS for who knows how long, but there were no problems between the two FWs the whole time.

As far as I know, CIS/CF won’t turn off the Windows Firewall, whilst CFP 2.4 did this. Don’t know why they’ve removed this feature in v 3.x

Given the weakness of the Windows firewall, does it matter if it’s running?? :wink: A quick trip to the Windows Firewall Settings dialogue will fix things.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think newbies won’t consider switching off the Windows Firewall. But maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe there’s no conflict whatsoever in this case?

[font=tahoma]Does it say that two firewalls are simultaneously running? There could be a conflict if there is…
I’m not sure on why Comodo Firewall is not disabling Windows Firewall either.

You can always disable Windows Firewall manually via the security center.

I verified that both firewalls were running simultaneously although I did not observe any (apparent) conflicts or problems. While manually disabling the Windows Firewall is simple enough, it would be awesome if while installing CIS there was an option to automatically disable Windows Firewall, or even better yet just do it automatically anyways.

It definitely doesn’t say anything about the Windows firewall at all. It kind of surprised me when I installed CIS.

I added a topic in the wish list section a few days ago that CIS should detect if the Windows firewall is running and ask the user if it should turn it off. And likewise, when uninstalling, it should ask if you want the Windows firewall turned back on.

AVG does this, and Comodo can at least be as good as AVG can’t it? :wink: