CIS Installation fails :(

Win 8.1 x64
Get two different names installation packages
One form there:
named: cispremium_installer_5997_92.exe
Second from Free Products: Download Internet Security Products for PC Protection
named: cispremium_installer_6114_38.exe
File size is same
CIS installation failing
After 99% installation opens first window with error and after first window closed, opens second - what installation success (but in fact - installed only comodo downloader)

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Check this:;msg788231#msg788231

Thank you
I think Comodo not fix that bug with Language for non-Unicode Programs :frowning:

Since this issue has already been reported and verified im going to move this report to resolved. Feel free to respond in the report linked by offchu saying you have the same problem and give your computer config/ windows version.