CIS Install Question - How do I keep Comodo Firewall V.2?

Hi all,

Like many on this forum I have been receiving the message saying that my Comodo AV will stop being supported after the 20th Nov 2008.

So, I duly downloaded the CIS installer.

I keep reading on this forum that it is possible to install the anti-virus without having to install the firewall. However, every time I try to install from the Comodo Internet Security .exe file i[/i] it keeps insisting that I have to uninstall my Comodo Firewall V.2 first! If I decline to uninstall then the new installation terminates immediately.

As I was hoping to keep my Comodo Firewall V.2 this is a pain… why are Comodo ‘forcing’ me to update from a product which has given me almost zero problems in the past?

I must admit to getting a little sick of software manufacturers writing their ‘Suite’ programs in such a way that makes most people, or at least the one’s with only an average grasp of computing, feel as if they have to use ALL the products because the manufacturer has deemed to ‘leave out’ the easy option of choosing what individual items to install right from the start. Perhaps I’m missing something but if I can install the Anti-Virus with ANY other firewall why are Comodo making me upgrade from one of their own, albeit earlier, products?

If there is a way of doing this that I don’t know of, the solution would be appreciated… very much! :slight_smile:

Finally… although this may have sounded like a negative thread I would like to thank Comodo for producing their free software. I’ve been using their separate Firewall & Anti-Virus products for a couple of years now and they have worked almost faultlessly during that time.

Thanks in advance for any info or advice…


If you want to have the latest CAV version, you can’t have CFP2. You have to update.

Why don’t you want to update anyway? The new CFP is better, and probably more secure.

If you decide to update, see this guide:

Did you read this part?:

Thanks for the reply jeremysbost… but the reason I didn’t want to update my firewall is purely because it has served me well, and I’ve read a few horror stories on here where people had uninstalled their V2 Firewall only to have their installation of V3 rejected because the installer program still insisted V2 was installed, requiring them to run the comodo uninstaller zip file!

I guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and install the whole kaboodle, as I’ll stay loyal to Comodo, at least until my PC security is compromised!