CIS: Install over Comodo Firewall?

I currently have Comodo Firewall installed. Do I have to uninstall Firewall prior to installing CIS?

The experance of many of us is dont do so as yet there are many problems being posted here.

I think the person posting above may have meant “do not install CIS over the firewall.” There have been problems reported after installing one program version over another.
The best way to avoid any problems is to uninstall the firewall, and then do a clean install of CIS.

I cannot remember, but there may be an option to export your firewall settings so you can import them into CIS.
Does anybody know if this can be done?

Yes, that makes sense. There is an Export feature in Firewall. I’ll check it out as it probably can be used to save my settings to Import into CIS. Thanks.

I think importing from an older version (3.5 and below) may cause issues with 3.8 (due to one of the registry settings).
You may be better off recreating your rules once 3.8 is installed.

Sorry to be uncleare, my earlier post was DO not upgrade to 3.8 its causing many of us a lot of problems. Hang on untill these are fixed!

From what I have experienced, the online update installer has caused a lot of problems. DL the latest, uninstall the version on your PC (clean your registers if necessary), reboot, and install the new DL’d version. Once you reboot, it (should) be Ok.

Thanks for reply, regrtably I have done that already and still no good. I have dissabled auto apdate now as it comes up saying updats avalable when first booted, Then and any other run of updtae ends up saying new updates and ends with non avalable,
I have installed through auto update, clean uninstall (registry cleaned and folder removed and recycle emtied and as said riinstall from a downloaded program fron main site. In thius Avast and spyware dr were disabled.

Odd. As much as I like CIS and have proven it to completely protect my system, .471 (3.8) certainly has issues not previously experienced.

2nd PC is now saying updats avalable, iits still version 3.5. No way am I risking iot and have now turned off updating on it. I will get rid of the 3.8 on the other PC and put 3.5 back on as I don’t trust 3.8 after finding once problems were found with Zone Alarm versions there were usually many of them not just the one or so found to start off with.