CIS Install on Windows Server 2008 R2

i’m getting the following error when installing CIS on windows server 2008 R2 “this installation does not support target platform”. I know comodo isn’t design for windows servers but 3wks ago i was able to download (from comodo website) comodo and install on a same type of server with no issues. I’m not installing from RDC. Is there a server version now? any anyone else ran into this? thanks in advance

CIS is not certified to run on the Windows Server platform.

You CAN get it to run but there is no guarantee that it is working or performing as intended.

If you don’t have a sufficient degree of trust, should you continue down this path? I wouldn’t. I would be looking at moving the protection focus to the connected endpoints.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks for your feedback. do you know if there’s a plan for a server version of CIS or CAV? i’m thinking comodo change something in the installer to where it doesn’t load anymore, because I’ve never had this issue before. And it actually worked pretty good on window server platform.

Thanks Again!

Their endpoint solution should solve this problem, if I am not wrong. CAVL might be an alternative (it’s in beta though)

As far as I know there are no plans for CIS or CAV on server platform.

Thanks for the response. is there a comodo server version i can buy?? my company would be looking to buy 50+ licenses. i think comodo is awesome and really want to continue to use it. but i’m looking for an antivirus/internet security software i can install on my pc’s and windows servers. please let me know if comodo has anything to support this. thanks a lot!

In order to manage your PC’s protection, you can install Comodo Endpoint Security Manager on your server.

To purchase, look for the 100 seat package (Comodo Endpoint Security Manager V2.0 Business Edition-100 seat). That package is the one you need for you 50+ endpoints. You might think that you are over buying, but hey! you wont find such low prices anywhere else. :-TU

Does Comodo Endpoint Security Manager REALLY work on Windows Server 2008-R2 ?

Windows Server 2008-R2 is NOT listed on that page.

"Software and Hardware

32 bit and 64 bit support

Does not require a dedicated server

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008

Hardware requirements

1 GHz Intel Pentium III or higher
1 GB RAM (2 – 4 GB recommended)
4 GB free disk space"