CIS install hangs on "Loading personal settings" window XP Pro+SP3

I was using Avira Anti-vir and Comodo Firewall Pro.

I uninstalled Avira on my HP 750C then installed CIS Firewall and AV and it was no go. It detected my previous Comodo Pro firewall and uninstalled that okay. Then had to reboot and install the suite, then reboot again to finish the install.

On the last boot, my system hung on “Loading Personal Settings”. I got the startup wav file and some stuff launched (I have sounds set for program start) but it never completed the loading personal settings phase. I let it sit for 20 minutes but no good.

System restored back to before I installed the suite, which amazingly restored Comodo Firewall Pro. I uninstalled it manually this time then rebooted and installed the suite again, same problem.

I booted to Safe Mode and used msconfig to disable all startup items except Comodo, likewise on the Services tab, disable all except Comodo. Next boot hung at exactly the same place. This time I gave it over 30 minutes with no success. Just sat there at the “Loading Personal Settings” screen. I could get to Task Manager via Ctrl+Alt+Del but could not find any processes that I could kill that made any difference.

One more system restore then I installed just the Firewall of CIS which works great, and Avira Anti-vir and will stay with that until I can figure out what the problem is with the Comodo Suite.

I had a tough time getting CIS Firewall to install, eventually had to delete all registry entries for cmdAgent. That resolved the problem and I was to install oaky.

I just found the thread on doing a complete uninstall of CFP v3 so I’ll use the .bat file in the future if needed.

I get this too, and there’s a thread here which is pretty much exactly the same symptoms (but not cause):

crash on boot

In my case I got Comodo to install by electing to only install the firewall first, and turning off D+ protection during setup, then add/remove options to install the AV part (which still has D+ disabled). Enabling D+ causes a crash on next boot, and the only way to fix it is to go boot to safe mode and turn off D+.

I’ve used autoruns (from sysinternals) to disable all logon and winlogon stuff, and all Explorer context menu and other stuff. Still happens, so I guess it’s down to something that’s running as a service, but having spent 6 hours fiddling around and rebooting the PC after every change I’m giving :frowning:

It’s good to know I’m not the only one having the problem. Sure wish there was a fix.

I’ve also tried disabling everything in Startup and Services with no success. Guess I’m stuck with Avira and just the Firewall part of CIS. Bummer …