CIS install hangs on "Loading personal settings" window XP Pro+SP3

I was using Avira Anti-vir and Comodo Firewall Pro.

I uninstalled Avira and tried the Comodo Suite on my desktop and it was no go. It detected my previous Comodo Pro firewall and uninstalled that okay. Then had to reboot and install the suite, then reboot again to finish the install.

On the last boot, my system hung on “Loading Personal Settings”. I got the startup wav file and some stuff launched (I have sounds set for program start) but it never completed the loading personal settings phase. I let it sit for 20 minutes but no good.

System restored back to before I installed the suite, which amazingly restored Comodo Firewall Pro. I uninstalled it manually this time then rebooted and installed the suite again, same problem. One more system restore and I reinstalled Comodo Firewall Pro and Avira Anti-vir and will stay with that until I can figure out what the problem is with the Comodo Suite.


hey, I feel sorry to read you have experienced such trouble with the installation of the comodo suite.

Try, CRC and ccleaner and use revo-uninstaller to uninstall comodo this time… maybe that will help…

also it is known that some background services of some (security) programs causes problems for comodo to start up well…

let me know if things worked out good for you,

Have a nice day!


Have you answered your computer is clean or did you took the installation scan?

Sorry, I never received a notice that anyone had responded to my original post of November 28.

I tried CIS again a few minutes ago (CIS_Setup_3.5.57173.439_XP_Vista_x32.exe) and it got a little further before it hung the system. My profile and options loaded okay and the Desktop came up as it should. I got quite a few CIS firewall popups for various programs I have installed. Once CIS settled down, I tried to open the GUI to import the firewall settings I had exported before uninstalling Comodo Firewall Pro, but as soon as I double clicked on the CIS icon, the system hung. The mouse was still alive but had the hour glass pointer and the keyboard was locked out. I could move the mouse pointer (hour glass) but could not click on anything and Ctrl+Alt+Del did nothing.

I uninstalled Avira antivir and Comodo Firewall Pro, cleaned the registry of anything that had Avira or Comodo in it. I removed the Avira and Comodo folders from the hard drive. Then I installed CIS.

I use CCleaner on a regular basis. Also, this time I was able to uninstall CIS from Safe Mode so the recovery was easy.

I have no problem at all with Comodo Firewall Pro, can you tell me which background tasks cause problems for CIS startup?

I have quite a few that I depend on:

Mirror Folder for maintaining real time backups
Iconoid for icon placement on the Desktop
OneTouchMonitor for scanner
FileEx for Open/Save dialogs
Acronis True Image for hard drive backup
Java Updater for Java updates
Several Nvidia tasks for controlling my Nvidia video card
SeaMonkey for SeaMonkey quick start

As for running the CIS installation scan, no, I did not do that. I had run Avira anti-vir scan a day ago and it came up clean. I’ve not had any kind of malware infection on this computer in several years, but I still run scans every week or two just in case.

I also use Spybot S&D and Spyware Blaster.