cis install and setup improvements

I install cis on a lot of peoples systems and configure it to proactive security. currently if you want to do this you have to restart 2 times before you can change settings. once after cis is installed and again after switching to proactive. then after that you can change settings for for everything else. if you change settings and then switch to proactive then it resets everything else. I wish that it would keep your settings and also when installing have the option to select your configuration before you install cis so you only have to restart once.

just switch to proactive mode before the first reboot. then when you reboot it proactive will be activated and cis will be fully functional


I wish there could be a way to supply a configuration file to the installer, so that during installation the installer takes this configuration instead of the default one. This would ease things a lot.

We can easily export our desired configuration and use it later on for further installations.

couldn’t this pose problems maybe not for every version of cis but future versions because of bugs? wouldn’t it be safer to do one restart at a time to prevent problems with cis

this is what iv always done on the computers i put cis on never had a problem