CIS Initial Scan for Warranty

I downloaded CIS as it was recommended by two friends who work in IT departments. I discovered it comes with a warranty, and in order for the warranty to go into effect a full scan must first be completed. That scan has been ongoing now for over 48 hours. To me, this amount of time is excessive.

My HD has approximately 340 GB of data, mostly music and pictures. How long will this initial scan take to complete?

Thanks in advance for any replies…

It should not take anywhere near this long.

Please first try this. Restart the computer. Then try to run the full scan and see if it completes then.

If it does not then see if it’s stuck on a particular file. Report back what you find and, if needed, we’ll go from there.


Thanks for the reply. I did as asked and restarted the computer, then ran a full scan. It ran for 18 hours and was in a particular file for most of that time before I ended the scan.

The file has a long name, but here it is:


Not sure of what to do here in order to get a full scan completed.

Thanks for helping…

I assume you are using v6.2.

The only thing I can think of is to exclude that one file from scanning and hope that it finishes or that only a couple of files will cause it to hang and you will be able to finish the full scan.