CIS incompatible with certain nonsecurity software

I recently tried to install Worktime Studio ( under WinXP, SP3, but was unable to do so. Correspondence with the developer provided no solutions, but on a hunch I uninstalled CIS (which, just to make sure, I had disabled during install - I use only the firewall and D+). Then, after replacing CIS with another firewall, I tried again to install Worktime Studio (a project and task management program) - and this time it installed perfectly.

Similarly, a few months ago, after I had installed the most recent SP for Vista on my laptop, I discovered that UltraRecall (a PIM put out by wouldn’t start. Again, inquiries to the developer provided no solutions, but uninstalling CIS and replacing it with another firewall solved the problem.

Any solution to these problems would be most appreciated, because I think CIS is terrific, and I prefer it to all the other firewalls / classical HIPS I have tried.

Incompatibility issues can be reported here

I think that they will be addressed sooner in this thread.