CIS in Windows 8?

I was just wondering, does CIS (Antivirus, Defense+, and especially the Firewall) play nicely with Windows 8? (64-bit)

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Windows 8 does a whole lot of silly things, like connecting to Microsoft’s servers without asking permission, and if I’m to upgrade, I’d need a firewall like CIS to block Microsoft’s sillyness.

You might want to wait if your are running Comodo 5 with windows 8 and have no problems . I am running windows 8 it works but there are a few things that don’t work right. I would wait until the next release.;msg645983#msg645983


It runs nicely here on my desktop (AMD Phenom II quad core with 4 GB) and netbook (Intel Atom with 2 GB) both 32 bits.

I don’t think CIS 6 is doing bad for a release with a version number step.

With regard to the mentioned topic it is not quite clear what topic starters gripes are other than a hunch. I did not conclusive answers to what he thinks is problematic. He seems more worried that if the new CIS is as bad as he thinks he has to go to many customers to disable automatic checking for program updates and that his reputation will suffer.

Bumping this, as some time has passed. Anything new to note on the Windows 8 + Comodo scene?