CIS in India

I dont know how popular is CIS in India. I haven’t met a single person yet who knows or heard or using CIS.

Is there a Comodo Office in India?

Is there a Comodo Website for India?

Comodo India
#672 Temple Tower 1st Floor,
Anna Salai, Nandanam,
Chennai - 600 035

Tel: + (91)-(44)-42022829
Fax: + (91)-(44)-42182728

Any in Mumbai or near plan for Mumbai Office?

no and none that I know of

You want to apply for a job with Comodo in India?

I am from Mumbai - India. So if Comodo had a office in Mumbai, I would have liked to visit & may be meet some wonderful people.

Of course, CIS is not so popular in INDIA, but you have me… :wink:



You are from chennai, right? Have you visited Comodo office their & met anyone?

I am not from Chennai, I am from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

I am eager to meet them and will definitely do when I go to CHENNAI.

OK. Hope you meet them soon & share the discussion with us.