CIS icons / graphics not showing after install. [Resolved]

Hi. I have problem with CIS, pictures attached.
Using Windows 10 x64 fully updated.
VoodooShield was disabled during install, nothing blocked.
Zemana AntiKeylogger is turned off, not running.

Installation of CIS went just fine, no errors. Setup had all the text, graphics. After install, program opened up like this [screenshots taken just when installation finished].

Scratch that, changed theme and it seems to show everything.

Switched back to this theme again, still same problem.

Arcadia seems to have problem as well…

Classic seems OK

I can’t seem to right click in Comodo GUI and remove tasks, so that I can manually add them in the order I want…
No right click to remove or small X in the corner…

Worked after 3rd attempt…

Known issue with dual/switchable graphic cards: Comodo Forum

You must open graphic settings and force cis to use one of gpu.

Thanks, configured in AMD/ATI Configurable Switchable Graphics, switched cis.exe to Power-saving mode, and everything works.

Thank you, much appreciated, you can close this topic as RESOLVED.