CIS Icon

I have just recently installed CIS I think it’s great. Only thing I have a question about is the slow showing of the CIS icon in task bar after bootup. The icon doesn’t show sometimes as much as minute after the Action Center, network and speaker icons show. CIS is the only realtime protection program installed. Windows 7 64 bit. system 3.40ghz, 4GB ram.

Solved the problem. Uninstalled the A/V and installed comodo firewall only and the icon shows up immediately upon bootup.

The antivirus database is so big, so CIS has AV module.
After reboot, it takes some time to load all database… This is my opinion but it is a known problem friend.
Comodo is working on it to solve this.


@yigido. Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I’ll keep using Comodo firewall for now as it works very well. Perhaps later will reinstall the A/V.

"The processes that protect your computer, Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) and the packet filter driver, load very early in the boot process and before the network connection gets released. When the tray icon gets loaded the protection is already running."

Good explanation. Thanks.