CIS Icon

Hello. I just upgraded CIS (only using firewall). My CIS icon now has a little red circle with bar through it, e.g. the universal “not” symbol. I opened it and it says everything is running. My icon won’t animate anymore either. Anyone know what is going on???

What does CIS report when you run Diagnostics (under Miscellaneous)? What does it report and in case it found something was CIS able to fix it?

Can you check with Task Manager, under the Processes tab, that both cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are running?

Hi. Thanks for the response. Must have been just a fluke. After a Windows Update and some more reboots, it started alerting and started to work fine. I was a little scared as it looked disabled. I’m OK now ;D.

So I can assume a restart will fix it? Funny because I’m having the exact same symptoms as gps777, except the Diagnostic turned up clean and both processes are running.

Hi drragostea,

I’m on a XP Home SP3 32 bit system, too. I’ve just done a clean install of the OS so I’m being bombarded with Windows updates and installing programs. I had disabled the Defense + alerts prior to the upgrade to end the endless “allows” but forgot about it. Maybe that is what caused the disabled icon. Dunno. I had never seen the icon before as I don’t think you can disable the firewall, only exit it. I did renable the Defense + alert and the reboots seemed to unstick it. So you might want to check if you have anything disabled.

Thanks gps777, a reboot did resolve it after it. The only thing that Comodo was working on was on some install some hours earlier, but I’m sure it’s fine.

No big deal, I appreciate the help : ]