CIS hogging massive resources.

I’ve got a fairly powerful machine which has been giving me issues for the past two weeks or so due to low memory issues. After a few restarts today I took a look at resource consumption and see that CIS is eating up 29GB of my available 32GB of memory, and has my C:\ SSD drive running full speed with read/write requests. All other programs are failing and glitching due to lack of available memory. I’ve always run Avast A/V with Comodo F/W and had no problems but this is insane.

Core i7, 32GB memory, Win 8.1, all drivers updated running legit software.

Are there any ways of limiting this software to a certain amount of resources for the SSD and Memory % usage ? I’ve looked but this uber-styling GUI on CIS proves to be more of a hurdle than helpful.

Problem solved. Deleted & installed other software. :wink: