CIS high disc usage peak on daily usage & after copy-paste -->> help needed

Dear All,

From some time I observe frequential high disc usage peaks on my two laptops:
1 - HP ENVY 17-j010ew;
2 - MSI gt72s 6qe. Both have got ssd drive and regular ones (the second one configured in ssd raid mode);
All systems are not infected & “fresh” with preinstalled windows 10. I use stable comodo version:

The problem with high disc peaks occurs when copying new big files -->> after copy is done the target disc is heavy used by process: cmdagent.exe &/or cavwp.exe for a couple of minutes, after that stops. Heavy disc usage peaks also occurs spontaneously during the usage of the system, when I am working with other regular programs (inventor, virtualbox, chrome itp).
I looked at ALL similar problems and I tried different comodo configurations (internet security, proactive security) with different settings () without any success.
After some time it seems quite annoying…so I will be grateful for any help and specific guidance because I think that not only I have this problem.

Thanks in advance for ANY help :slight_smile: