CIS heuristic freezing.

CIS 3.9.95478.509 av update 1199. 32 bit win xp sp3.

When i adjusted manual av scan settings on high and ad don’t scan files less than 1024 mb
after that i ran a scan and CIS froze. I couldn’t stop the scan ,exit CIS ,activate task manager.
The system was not BSOD-ed or frozen the only things that responded were mouse and keyboard
indicated operation by taping caps lock key on and off.
The only way that i could resume normal operation was to press the reset button on my
pc case or hold the power button for five seconds.
I thought that the don’t scan files larger than settings was the problem but it wasn’t.
It turns out it was the heuristic scan that was set on high.
The scan is working properly when i used it on off, low and medium settings.
Does anybody else have this problem?

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