CIS Helper service - Heavy CPU load


I’m using the firewall only since about 5 years on Windows 7.
I’ve upgraded my Windows to Windows 10 through Windows 7 to 10 official offer. Then I had formated the C drive and re-installed Win10 from scratche using an official MS DVD. This Windows installation has been done this morning after full format of the system drive. (So this system is about 12 hours old.)

Actual config : i3-2310M, 8GB RAM, 750Go HDD (80Go on system partition), Windows 10 (up to date), Avast! antivirus, CIS Firewall, Firefox, all programs are installed on C drive

Now, the comodo helper service have an intermitant CPU highload very often, slowing my machine even on internet navigation.
For the example, this screenshot is during internet navigation using Firefox loading a wallpaper-pack site with lots of pictures on each webpage (orange lines on graph are CPU loads of the selected process in the left panel (cmdagent.exe here))

It’s very annoying for me. Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.

According to your sceenshot only 23 percent of processing/CPU usage is being utilized by the cmdagent process and service with an average of 15 percent CPU/processor utilization. In my opinion, that’s within normal range if however cmdagent.exe was spiking over 50 percent then I’d be concerned. Could you link teh website in question to see if I can reproduce your issue? Do you have any other components of CIS enabled i.e. HIPS,auto-sandbox,viruscope?

Thanks for your response.

I retried to produce this behavior. And it did it again. It is not the fault of this particular website (the one of the example of yesterday is : ). It did it on this website, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail and almost all other site. About each time I called a page, the cmdagent rise up.

Today, when I loaded a bit Firefox, the cmdagent load rise up to 33% on peak and 23%+ on 60s mean.

I’m running the firewall (personalised mode), the HIPS (learning mode) and the viuscope (but not the auto-sandbox).

Ok, you have been right. Your last sentence give me the idea to test if the FW was the problem or an other component.
It is not the firewall the origin of the problem. After desactivate all components (FW included), the problem disappeared. I tried to re-add each component one by one and tried each time to navigate the Internet (using same webpage, refresh). When I had re-add HIPS, the problem re-occurs.

Now I am running only the FW and the viruscope, and I have no more recursive CPU load from cmdagent. (0.1% mean on 60s)

Thanks for your help.