CIS have just exceeded over 1 million signatures for the AV!!!

With the permission of Melih…

Total Signatures: 1,013,164 1,027,031 (edited by Melih…sorry the guys are working extra this weekend!!! :slight_smile: ) 1,110,674 as of 21 Jan 09
Total Whitelisted Files: 1,107,514 (Currently in the CIS beta)

Remember the signatures include genetic signatures (1 signature could mean 5 different variants, or 100), And when the heuristics is final this will be a much bigger number too… Comodo will continue to create more signatures. It’s getting there VERY fast, And with all the amazing users sending Comodo samples… Plus the heuristics, Comodo will simply suppress the competition in around September (When Melih promised he will deliver one of the best, if not he best AV).

This number will grow by 4,000 signatures a day and more.

You don’t have any AV Tests for CIS…
You don’t know how good it is from
You don’t know how good it is from VB100…
You don’t know how good it is from any other AV Testing organization…

But you have Melih’s word. :wink:

Well done Comodo!!! :slight_smile:


Thats great :slight_smile: :comodo110:

Melih, Do you have any plans for the above tests and if so, roughly when?

Well done COMODO malware submitters and analysts!

(CNY) :ilovecomodo:

Thanks - and you too. ;D

well, we can say that CIS now can detect about 4 million variants of nasty code… that still does not cut it… I bet my money on it that the “BIG BOYS” recognize about 20 million of nasty code!!! (this includes all the variants) and malware increases every year with 1.5 million!!! ( I am not sure if this is without the different variants) that is more than CIS can detect!!!

I am sorry, I am not pulling CIS down, just saying CIS has a long way to go…


For the sake of comparison, does anybody know how many signatures any of the other major antivirus products have?

Congrats with reaching this round number. :■■■■ Keep up the good and hard work. (:CLP)

I am just curious to how it compares to competition. (:NRD) For example a squared speaks of traces (multiple traces make one signature).

Kaspersky claims to have 1,638,841 signatures.

DrWeb claims to have 466,485

And we all know Kaspersky is a top AV… And remember 1 signature can = 10 variants, 100 variants or more. Same thing with Comodo.

Comodo are getting there really nicely!! :slight_smile:


That’s not bad at all for a relative new kid on the block. (:KWL)

Thanks guys!!! But we only just started!!! Thanks to the amazing support we got from you guys, you inundated us with amazing amount of malware… keep them coming!

As to the tests…hmmm…I have a plan… (:NRD)



Are these only virus signatures? Or does that include trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, etc? (i.e. does it include the things in the boclean database?)

Or maybe the non-virus signatures will be implemented later when Boclean is integrated?

Thanks for giving us a look at the inner workings (like Homer below)

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a baddie is a baddie… no matter what they are called and we nip’em!


Oh, I see (:NRD). Thanks Melih.

Is the name “Antivirus” going to be changed to something that reflects that the scanner will target a broad range of badness? (e.g. see pic).

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Sounds like a plan…


Good point. I always wondered why COMODO didn’t dub it as something like “COMODO Anti Malware”.

we thought about it but decided to leave it as is, cos majority refer to these kind of products as AV products…


Oh, that’s a shame. :-[
I kinda like the idea of CIS “announcing” that it can catch all types of badness…a title that reflects its thoroughness (such ter-melih-nator).

AV Tests will reflect on this…

As soon as Melih executes those plans.


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