CIS has windows XP pro boot conflict with K9 web protection

Has anyone come across a fix for a windows XP boot conflict with K9 web protection? Back in April 2008 there was a similar conflict with Comodo firewall protection and K9 but a work around was posted that worked fine. With Comodo’s new upgrade combining the firewall and the antivirus programs, the problem has resurfaced. I tried to use the same fix as was posted in April but no luck. I even tried to keep the old firewall and just install the new Antivirus but the Comodo installer will not let you do that. Since Antivirus 2.0 beta will no longer be supported I am looking for a fix to this problem fairly soon.

Thanks for your help,
Computer fan

Yes I need to know as well.
I haven’t tried the registry setting, but since you’ve said you have, then I take it it doesn’t work with CIS3.5.

I cant believe comodo hasn’t included a fix within the program itself knowing that there has been a conflict for almost a year!

This sounds like a regression. Please report this bug: .