CIS has died - The forum is dead.

After reading futuretech’s statement I conclude that this forum serves absolutely no further purpose anymore as I don’t believe in the Comodo fairy tales told by Comodo Staff but do believe in and accept the fact that CIS is completely dead as we all already knew in the back of our minds.

Why keeping this forum still in the air?
Just to trap and mislead people?

Shut this forum down.

… and the forum post count goes up by one.

Make that two. :wink:

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futuretech locked the other thread. What I want to know is what Comodo/Xcitium enterprise product is the most similar to CIS? I’m considering going to their paid service and this information should be highlighted in case others want to stay with Comodo in the event that futuretech is correct.

Actually, it looks like they have disabled creation of new threads.

Then the time has come to say goodbye to comodo. I’m on the lookout for an adequate replacement, not so easy.

There are very good programms, but some stumbling block stands in their way. I’ll replace it with MS-Defender for the time being.
Then the forum has also become a dead horse - bye.

What I don’t understand regarding Futuretech’s statement is the following:

If CIS as well as all other related products are dead/discontinued, then why Comodo Dragon (CD) is constantly getting new releases? Even a new Comodo Dragon BETA was released today. You can constantly see members of the Dragon Staff active on the Online user list of the Forums and they often post with answers to questions from users.

Also, what is the purpose of C.O.M.O.D.O RT constantly collecting logs related to CIS Bug reports and also actively helping members to solve issues with CIS? Recently C.O.M.O.D.O RT said a new version for the Official Comodo Uninstaller tool will be released to solve a issue which he/she/they reported to the team.

Ming.zhou said back in March they were busy developing new features for the Enterprise version and they were planning to “expand” the CIS team. If by expand he means hiring new developers, then maybe Comodo/Xcitium still has the intention on maintaining CIS for home, just not enough resources/developers to bring in a new release at the moment.

To me, Futuretech’s statement has some strong evidence to back it up, however Comodo’s intention with the future of CIS, Dragon and other related products is still not very clear to me.


Is your position (which you have already expressed previously) your own deep conviction or the result of personal contacts with certain members of Comodo?

Request a message from Comodo CEO posted in this thread elaborating on CIS business plan and to explain as to why people are being fooled and being mislead regarding promised new CIS releases.


Sometimes I have a look in here. I uninstalled cis and have changed to another software.
Why still such posts when comodo only “exists” as a corpse, now? Is there hope for a resurrection or is comodo still considered a safe firewall against intrusion attempts?

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You can ask polity demand never.

It’s been asked and intended in a polite way, but I’ve changed it for clarity.

comodo still considered a safe firewall against intrusion attempts?
LOL it works fine in windows 11 unless you have bug issues. Its a hell of a lot better then windows firewall. I dont trust microsoft firewall as microsoft will still phone home even if you try to stop it. (im speculating on this as I cant back this up)

No off-topic chitchat can restore damaged CIS image only a clear message from Comodo CEO can.

I’m stupid but I always persist 8)

That’s your own problem. 8)
It won’t heal CIS’ wounded reputation only a CEO can.

And what if he communicates that cis/firewall will no longer be developed? To restore the “reputation” it would have to read differently, of course. But is he really damaged, there, on which he now puts special emphasis, concentrates?

Here we are discussing CIS product development status - if it is still supported or discontinued - CIS protection level or CIS working fine on one’s system is not a part of the topic subject.

Even though not the CEO anymore, I would like to hear Melih’s opinion/input on this matter.

I believe the time has come for some long-time users, especially moderators (including some which seem to have a certain dialogue with Comodo employees) to carry out a joint effort to try to contact Melih or other Staff members to find out more details about what actually is happening with CIS and what to expect for the future. It would be a better way to show support and care for this product and these Forums rather than locking topics or posting tutorials in how to harden an old piece of history. Just my two cents and as always, no offense intended.

This was already demanded in the other thread and and discussed, so you can discuss here over and over again to soften someone up - waste of time.

I don’t remember that being demanded in the other thread.
The people to whom I addressed my previous post can’t know if this joint effort to reach out to Comodo Staff will be a waste of time or not, if they don’t at least try it - they have no crystal ball. :wink:

That’s the problem! I can remember.
Here are some beginnings:

We are tracking every issues reported by you and working on it. Especially the cases mentioned here by our moderators We assure you the CIS improvement and we look forward to share your kind thoughts on your expectations in the above link. We will make sure to implement them.
I noticed C.O.M.O.D.O RT is actively collecting logs from user reported problems, why would they do that for a dead product? They probably are working on the next CIS version and it may take a while due to a possible larger list of fixes and/or possible new UI as Melih recently asked for suggestions regarding a new UI and etc.
Remember in the last few CIS releases how people heavily complained about the list of Bug fixes being not that impressive. I bet this has something to do with this long waiting time for the next release.

Quote from: safemode on October 10, 2021, 05:09:17 AM Well they do need to make sure the applied fixes will not create new Bugs for the paid / Corporate CIS version... So they need to release a new free / consumer CIS version to check this. ;D Agree, but in case they don't release new free / consumer CIS versions anymore then I'll stop reporting problems at once...
From the assistance of COMODO, contacted through pm I have not received any feedback and resolution, so I removed CIS from both PCs ...

Not word for word as you would like, but the sense behind it. Do you think your calls have more effects?

I’ll set a point, is off-topic, now.

If we get a clear answer from Comodo CEO regarding CIS business plan and CIS roadmap then everyone can decide for themselves what to do, either keep using CIS or abandon it and seek for other security solutions.
Clearness from Comodo CEO regarding CIS is all I’m asking for everyone who wants to have this clearness too.