CIS has detected a Crash, but wont give details

I have a NEW Lenovo Legion Laptop: AMD 5600H, 3060.
I installed CIS free, and I am getting annoying Popups from CIS about something is crashing…
I can’t give the Laptop to my mum like this…
Please tell me which program/app is crashing what.
I don’t notice anything crashing, even CIS doesn’t seem to be crashed…
Is it caused by a program that I can uninstall, or maybe by Laptop going to sleep mode?
Why don’t you just include this info in the Popup already?
Should I reinstall CIS or wont that help either?

I dont seem to have permission to add images…

Installed OS is Win11 that came from Lenovo with all their apps installed.
I got the “something crashed” Popup several times originally,
now I uninstalled some Lenovo adware (Lenovo NOW), and a few Microsoft apps,
don’t seem to get the Popup anymore, but I also wasn’t doing anything with the Laptop really,
so not sure if it’s fixed or not yet.
Anyway, still maybe somebody can tell me from the crashdump what actually happened. would be helpful.

This issue occurred and was reported 11 days ago, I am unsure whether it has been fixed.

Hi Rittmeister,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly run CIS diagnostics and share us the report file.