CIS has became a PUP

I’ve been using CIS for years, and I was a loving user. But now I am sick of it.

Headed for the comodo website and I was greeted by tons of js domains and a giant loading icon, It did not load without javascript. That was a really bad experience.

And I couldn’t find an offline installer. My internet is not quite good, no I needed it.

Installer is bundled with all the kinds of Potentially Unwanted Programs; browser? No, please don’t do that in 2017.

After trying to remove all of them, finally the installer has started and told that it is installing Geek Buddy…

I got tired and head to the forums and I saw “Secure Shopping”. At that moment I’ve vowed to not use or let anyone I love use any Comodo software anymore.

Even though Comodo Firewall may be one of the first top firewalls for Windows desktop. I am sick of the installing process. And I won’t be using it, even I won’t be visiting any Comodo site till this Malware-ish behavior changes.

I hope I’ll be using Comodo software soon.

I can’t comment on the website as I haven’t had any problems myself but I should mention that you can customise which components get installed during installation. I felt similar to you when I installed CIS 10 for the first time and posted my disappointment here;msg847119#msg847119.

I even installed CIS 10 twice thinking I had overlooked something and didn’t notice the “Components” option either time :-[. Is this Comodo’s fault? Possibly. I blame Windows 10 for it’s “everything blend into the background” approach (take OWA for example). Call me old fashioned, but bring back buttons with borders, beautiful coloured icons, etc.



I have to agree.

Btw, the only reason I’m still using an active/online antivirus+firewall on my personal computer is to not infect other computers.
I know how to fix computer problems and quite often friends/relatives/friends of friends and so on are calling me to fix/improve their desktops/laptops/tablets (software and/or hardware).
So far (since 2015) I (re)installed CIS/CAV on a few hundred devices…
An offline installer would be very useful for me, because sometimes the internet link is slow or not functioning at all (for the moment).
I searched and found the location where the real installer is stored but this is only half useful because only one of the x86 / x64 versions is there. For the other I have to install an OS with that architecture on the real computer or in a virtual machine.
Oh, well, I could start storing/updating full installers of security solutions from the competition, just in case…
I will not like it, because I love CIS but it seems I have no choice.

The latest release brings an offline installer.

Maliciosu. Secure Shopping is a not a sponsor like addition but a secure environment to do your online shopping and banking in. It’s an advanced piece of technology that is given for free. It is based on a paid product from the enterprise world called Secure Box.

Other than that, I have adapted more than a decade ago to always check installer for sponsors. It has become part of my routines and keeps me from feeling annoyed at a regular basis. For me it’s not a huge moral issue to seek moral high ground and start a discussion. For me it’s a simple behavioral adaptation that elegantly deals with the minor annoyances of the web.

Enterprise customers pay over $100 per endpoint for this securebox technology to protect their assets!

Even Auslogic’s free softwares (a little registry cleaner) comes with 4-5 pups in 1 installer…
Is CIS PUP? Of course NO!

I love the new installer too. Comodo’s offers are not malicious too. Do you want not see those bundled options?

Go buy CIS Pro… the paid installers are fully clean…Just next next and finish :-TU

Please support CIS, there is no such product for FREE!! We have to keep it alive