CIS has a problem

Hi guys, I am using CIS for a few months- everything was fine till last few weeks-
there are I think two problems- during the update process- the computer is very slow,slow,slow and the update often stops before it is complete.
Another problem I recognised during manual scan- the scanning process will always freeze and it will never complete the scan! During the scan , comodo antivirus scanner can not be stopped, the only way how to do it is to restart or switch off the computer (CTRL+ALT+DEL does not works)

I am using CIS and Spybot search and destroy. I checked my PC with another antivirus and antimalware scanners- it is free of malware. I also uninstalled CIS and reinstalled CIS- the result is the same.

Can anybody help? If it will continue for a longer period, I will have to uninstall CIS and switch to another antimalware software!

There was a problem with a version of the AV database Check the Feedback/Comments/Announcements section for details regarding the latest update

Hope this helps


It is the same. There id no ablility to make a manual scan- it allways freezes