CIS hangs when scanning

When running a full scan, CIS 11 hangs at a point, then aborts.

Deleting the file it hangs on just causes it to hang on another file, so it is not the file that it is causing it to hang.

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Please check you Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs.

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As I read you face an issue of hang when you scan your hard drive.
To overcome this problem

  1. You have to open your task manager and check your memory not gone to 100% if its happen then this is an issue of your ram.
  2. If your ram works fine you check which file hangs your system you have to delete that file.
    I hope after doing this your system works well.

Deleting a file is not the solution. Please notice that Comodo staff has asked for logs by pm and that this was four months ago.