CIS hangs my Windows Explorer all the time after Creators Update.

Greetings. Recently, I upgraded my Windows 10 with the new Creators Update. I update CIS as asked by the program but since then, using Windows has become a hell. CIS considers a virus or a suspicious program literally EVERYTHING. Every single setup exe I try to run, is considered suspicious and locked and I have to unlock it every time. But that’s not what annoys me. What really annoys me is the fact that when a setup is “locked”, even though I choose to consider it as a reliable program, Windows Explorer hangs, there is no response and I have to hard reset my computer. When the system boots up again, I can use the setup exe with no problem. Also, I ve got a new shortcut created everytime I change the valuation of a file as trustworthy or malicious.

Comodo was working perfectly before the Creators Update. Now it is a real pain to use it. :cry:

Can you try a clean uninstall/install to see if you still experience the issue?

Please check with version thanks.

I confirm that the problem with the Windows Explorer freeze when I run a setup program has gone. The only issue is still the auto-created shortcut.

EDIT: The problem is back. Whatever, forget it. I am uninstallin CIS.