CIS-hangingup/loop/grinding to a halt

Hi - new to COMODO and having just attempted to run a full ‘C’ scan find it just will not complete or pass Windows\WLXPGSS.SCR - what do I need to do to complete the scan. wineman

Hi hi2wineman,

Welcome to the forums.
Seems like the engine crashes on something, can you check you windows eventlog and see if there is anything there with cmdagent crashing in it and post that here ?

Also are you running CIS 3.11.x.552 ?

hi ronny,
thanks for popping in - running3.11.x.552 on vista. as to cmdagent stuff the question is how to recognise [now now u can stop having a laugh] this is out of my turf/league until I learn - opened event log but need to know what to look for and where in elog. drunk too much wine you may say, led a sheltered life - no busy elsewhere sadly. wineman

PPS - cis wont close control box keeps asking if i am sure i want to close - obviously doesnt like any answer - crashed. reboot? or is there a question relating to resident info precluding??

Hi wineman,

No problem, some use computers like they supposed to, others like to learn a bit more :wink:
If i go to fast, just say it, I’ll explain it more step-by-step if needed.

If you managed to the eventlog click on “Custom views” and select “Administrative events”

Now try to click on all those messages and see if it reports something about cmdagent / application crash etc… if you find any can you please select the text from the “General” field and copy/past it here ?