CIS had to update bases.cav file with entirely new full download

Running Win7 Pro SP1 x64 in a custom machine.

Was running CIS v.5.10 with a fully updated bases.cav file. I DLed and installed CIS x64 version 6, imported the existing, 126MB, v. 5.10 bases.cav file (via HELP>ABOUT>IMPORT) and v 6 still tells me I need a 110 MB update to my virus definitions. However, from it appears that v 5.10 and v 6.0 use that same bases.cav file.

It is an issue for me since I live in a remote mountain area with no broadband access, i.e., I am limited to dailup and would not like to spend 6 hrs DLing the full bases.cav file if I don’t need to. Am I missing something?

On a second computer still running v. 5.10 the update also wanted to download the 110MB “update” even though the existing file was 126MB. I downloaded the full bases.cav file and, after installation, the bases.cav file is now 130MB. Anyone have any idea why Comodo would not update the existing bases.cav file as it usually does? Does Comodo entirely redo the bases.cav fie periodically such that it will no longer update but has to be download in full again?


Sorry you cannot import 5.10 database into 6.

If I remember correctly you have to do a over the top install for 6 to keep the current database.

Also if the database last date when it was updated is greater than 7/10 days this will not work.

I did once get a update at 12 days but usually it downloads the whole database.

Edit Also if for some reason in 5.** series the database became corrupt during a update it would download whole database, though in 5.** you could always copy the bases.cav from the repair folder.

In 6.** you cannot do this you have to use import/export in the gui.