CIS had stopped updating, then...

Yes, as per subject CIS version stopped updating about a month back. Viewing the update screen shows all related items had errors. Thinking that CIS had become corrupted in some way, the application was fully uninstalled, first with CIS uninstall and then with CIS x64 clean up tool. So far so good. Note that no other software had been installed apart from regular CIS updates.

Reinstall of latest(?) version fails almost straight displaying Comodo red screen message “Failed to initialize installer. Please check your internet connection and/or Internet Explorer connection settings. Error:12002. The operation timed out. OK” . As a check I tried re-installing 7062 but fails in just the same way.

Now, the internet connection is working as have been able to access the Comodo forum and had a successful ping of the update server. Firewall disabled. I am also able to install other software. OS is Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1.

You are using the beta server in your host file and the beta server is no longer active.

Are you talking about the Windows Hosts file? Or are you referring to the proxy and host settings in Comodo?

I assume you are referring to the proxy and host settings in Comodo but if you read the original post you can see that he uninstalled the program.

We are trying to install the program after uninstalling it. Still getting the Error: 12002.

I was able to install CIS using the stand alone download, but I still cannot update the database without doing it manually.

I suspect that you have assumed incorrectly - particularly given that you can successfully install the offline installer but it fails as soon as it needs a connection to a Comodo server for updates.

I would be wiling to bet that you still have the beta servers details in your \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. file.

Please double check and remove any entries to the Comodo servers (if present).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nothing referring to Comodo in my Windows Hosts file.

Not able to update using my Work PC Tethered to my iPhone 12 Pro using AT&T but my home PC works just fine.

Also not able to download anything from the database using AT&T Wireless.

  1. Can you ping the download server from your work PC (when tethered to your iPhone)?
  2. Can you ping the download server from your iPhone?

Steps 1 and 2 will help expose where the blockage is occurring but there is the chance that the problem lies within AT&T (but there are no other reports similar to yours).

Ewen :slight_smile: