CIS had encountered a problem and must close

I suddenly started getting error messages saying CIS had encountered a problem and must close. I discovered it was the updater. Every time it tried to update, I got the error message. CIS never actually closed, but it became totally irritating [this happened several times a day] and I finally uninstalled it and re-installed the previous version. Unfortunately, the previous version’s icon shows a circle with a line through it which usually means the program is now working or not available. Am I still protected or what? Plus, I cannot do any updating because it always wants to update to the new version that I had to uninstall.

What gives???

I split your help request because you bumped an old topic.

From what version are you trying to update? What happens when you run Diagnostics? Can it fix and can you tell us what it says?

I too am getting this annoying nag! … when my installation try’s to update! … whether to schedule or manually. I have run diagnostics repeatedly which informs me that all is well.

I have only been getting this annoyance since I took the upgrade to 5.0.163652.1142 … when event occurs it informs that utility must close but it doesn’t. Please advise.

Can you see if cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are running? Make sure to have “show processes of all users” enabled in Task Manager.

Yes both cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are running in Task Manager! …

I would suggest the following way of doing a clean install. First update from v4.1 to v5, get the latest av definitions and export your active configuration from under More–> Manage My Configurations. Then copy the bases.cav from the scanners folder to another folder.

Now turn on Windows Firewall, uninstall CIS, reboot and run this clean up tool.

Now install CIS. During the installation it will do a cloud look up for running programs (that’s why the Windows Firewall must be running and your network connection active). When it is done don’t reboot but copy the bases.cav to the scanners folder.

Then import your saved configuration in More → Manage My Configurations and activate it. Then reboot and see how things go.