CIS GUI's location on screen keeps changing.....

Hi All,
I have CIS installed on my computer and is working just fine.
I have 3 qweries:
1). Why the CIS GUI keeps changing its location on screen on every startup. Is it programmed so or what ?

2). Why my CIS GUI doesn’t shows “WHAT DO THESE SETTINGS DO?” option. It instead shows “GET LIVE SUPPORT”. I have uninstalled COMODO LivePCSupport and rebooted but it still shows “GET LIVE SUPPORT” option.

3). If I save/change some of CIS settings, for example if I export CIS configuration file the dialog/window containing message “The configuration have been exported successfully” doesn’t have the red theme instead it is the default theme of my Windows XP Pro. Similarly all other messages windows don’t have the red theme. Please note that every other CIS window/frame is having the default red theme of CIS.

Please help me.