CIS getting suspended intermittently - Windows 10 / Java / Werfault.exe issue


There seems to be some problem with Java & CIS -

  • sometimes CIS is shown as suspended in Task Manager
  • Issue specifically happens when there are some issues with Java apps like Jdownloader2 / Mozilla coupled wirh WerFault.exe / Wermgr.exe
    specifically when these applications hang, even accessing TaskMgr becomes a pain.
  • When we finally access TaskMgr -it shows CIS as suspended

will try to get a screenshot of the same.

had to update Java - seems to have resolved the problem for now.

Thanks in advance.

Hi bitspirit,

Thank you for Reporting,we will check this issue.
Could you please check your inbox for PM & provide us the log for further investigations.


Can you check disk usage with task manager when this happens? It sounds like your hard drive may be getting temporarily maxed out.

Thanks foe the help- will do a detailed trace this weekend and share.

Thanks in advance.

Hi bitspirit,

Thank you for providing the log,I had forwarded your log to our developers for further investigations.


Hi bitspirit,

Did you ever experienced this issue again ? If so, As a workaround could you please recheck this issue by adding Werfault.exe to Windows System Applications file group. Refer enclosed image.


Tried viewing the shared URL - getting a message ‘You are not allowed to access this section.’

Finally was able to get a screencap of TaskMgr - shared herewith

  1. This is definitely a Java problem - 32 bit / 64 bit
  2. WerMgr is also culpable to some extent
  3. Happens with java applicaitions - Jdownloader / Firefox et al.

Things happen like this - Click on App > Believe WerMgr comes into play here > Machine freezes > Cant even access TaskMgr > if & when TaskMgr becomes operable > CIS shows as suspended.

I’m more worried about CIS getting suspended & its security implications.

CIS has kept me safe (all components) for a long time - from Win2K to Win7 to Win8 to Win10; I’m used to it & trust it.
Inspite of periodic not so good reviews across AV/Security tests - I’ve still stuck to it and have been pretty safe till date - only a few minor virus/malware (<10 across a decade) infected my PC till date.

Some more issues I face - not being critical, just my observations

  1. ARP protection needs an overhaul - doesn’t work too good in Windows 10 64 bit - still get booted from shared networks.
  2. Better IGMP protection
  3. Dont know if CIS can block deauth attacks on Wifi - but if doable, would help a lot.
  4. For all outgoing requests - listing the parent application (s/tree) option should be there.

Still one of the best Desktop security products I’ve used till date - this Suspension thing is scary - need a solution ASAP.

If you are using CIS 12.1 then the freezing is a known issue caused by cavwp crashing, you need to use the latest beta as it fixes that issue.