CIS + GesWall

Im new here, so sorry if this topic is in wrong section.
Does CIS works with GesWall? I mean that they dont kill each other and work fine together.

CIS and Geswall are perfectly compatible, and there are several users at this forum (as well as at Wilders) that use both and are very happy with them. :slight_smile:

It’s a brilliant combination, from what I’ve heard :wink:

I use GesWall + CIS without problems. Work fine together.

I’ve been using Comodo firewall before (2.4) and now CIS with D+ with max settings (paranoid) and Geswall (Avira,PrevXEdge as well) with very satisfactory results,no problem whatsoever, until Geswall version 2.8 came out: when installed it could not jibe with the rest making all sorts of nuisance,from slowing down to malfunctions. I guess v.2.8 is more geared towards Vista (I run XPPro) and has a few added features which provoke that. After a few installs&uninstalls and attempts to give permits to everyone involved i gave up and installed again version,which only gives me a fraction of a second delay when i open Mycomputer,but still works fine all around giving no problems and a lot of added security.