CIS FW4 & Gene 6 FTP Server


Im running Gene6 FTP Server setup on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 box and no matter what i’ve done so far so is it NOT possible to connect to the server from the outside. I have added all the related server files to the Allowed/Trusted ‘lists’ but it doesn’t make any difference, it’s not just possible to connect to the server. :frowning:

It went so far that i reverted back to v3.x because with that so did i never had any issues.

So im all out if ideas here now on what to do next so im really hoping to get some assistance.

// B

Do me a favour and perform a simple check: Go into View Active Connections where I presume this server shows as listening on some port. Right-click to “Show full path” and report back here what you get. If it’s anything like “C:/PRORA~1/”, I know the score…

PS: If it’s a “normal” path like “C:/Program Files” then perhaps you could post screen shots of the Custom Rules and Global Rules you have in place.

Im out of town atm. Will get back 2 ya again when i get back home and have re-installed v4 again.

I had a small disaster with FTP connections, too. Maybe you shall try out:

  1. run Stealh port wizard (Firewall| General tab)
  2. choose second option;
    Set up your new rules now.