CIS freezing Windows and crashing

Hi! I am running Windows 10 x64, and have installed CIS. It was all good and fine for a month, but today it has just stopped working properly. After PC launch Windows is working, but system and software starts freezing one by one, and after a minute Windows is totally inoperational. It looks like some kind of HIPS bug, that locks down every process despite any permissions.

Have anybody encountered that? How can I solve that if I still with to use COMODO?
P.S. I remember uninstalling COMODO like 7 years ago due to the same problem on a totally different machine.

What version are you using? You could also try the lates beta and use a default configuration, also make sure you don’t have other 3rd party security software installed that could be interfering.

I am running version, HIPS was in “safe” mode. Nothing too bad.

I have now disabled HIPS and my PC works so far. Comodo, however, showed me an error message and wanted to send log, but its empty. I believe I can go beta, but won’t it be even more unstable, like beta should?

Nope, still same.

Sounds like a comodo process is crashing go to ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps to look for memory dumps.

I have checked it before, but looks like COMODO failed to make dump in process. Files were 0 kb. Now I have uninstalled CIS by the remover tool.

Isn’t this one a common issue?

No it is not common as crashes do get fixed and it looks like it didn’t finish creating the dump, what was the filename of the empty dump file? Did it refer to cmdagent, cis, or cistray?

Sorry, can’t tell that. Removal tool have deleted dumps to and I don’t remember the names. PC is stable so far, so CIS was the issue. No other AV products in system, I have even managed to disable Win Defender totally by group policies.
If it helps, WIndows wasn’t recognising Comodo as installed Firewall or AV, was constantly notifiing PC is not protected.

I have some suspicions crash had something to do with Windows update it was trying to download and install (since it has done so just now).

hi, i am also an long time user of comodo and uninstalled it for several years.

After a problem of my pc i had to reinstall windows 7 (pro 64bits), and decided to test again CIS on my totally new windows 7 installation (1 week ago).
i’ve downloaded the program from the website (it is written premium on the exe…i just wanted the free version…)

After few minutes no action worked on my system. even ctrl+alt+del was ineffective. the tooltips and right-clic-menus from the icons of the windows taskbar didn’t work.

i rebooted the system (with the power button) and same thing happened after maybe 30 min or so.

i have uninstalled completely cis and this problem doesn’t appear anymore. i precise i had no other antivirus installed and the windows firewall was disabled so if it is a conflict problem i don’t know where it comes from.