CIS freezing computer and more..


im using CIS for almost a month and very satisfied on windows 7.
today something weird happend:
some programs begain to stuck and freeze the desktop. for several min each.
even opening windows menu’s made a freezing.
after freezing stoped they been loaded fine.

i check for updates and diagnostic tools in cis, everything was fine.
i made a scans for malewares, made a system scan check, i checked if some proccess in taskmanager is take cpu usege, everything look normal.

but the freezing wont stop.

i contact microsoft supporter and he suggested me making a system restore.
but its failed with the error: 0X80070005 related to sfi.dat.

he recomanded me uninstall CIS.
and restart my computer.

and magic! everything back to normal!

now i dont know what to do…im afaid if i will reinstall CIS this problem will come back.



i made a reinstall and after restarting the problem continue…what i need to do?

The problem with system restore failing because of the locked sfi.dat is a known problem. Sfi.dat is the file that is used by Stateful Inspection of the AV. With Vista or Win 7 you can workaround the system restore problem by booting from an installation DVD of Vista or Win7 and starting system restore from there. That always works.

The freezing/high cpu usage that is also a known, but more recent, problem. The devs are planning and hoping for an update later this week. I hope this problem gets fixed then as well.

thank you,

its good to hear that my problem is known issue.
i didnt find if its happend because the av or fw.

i will test it and report.

ok the problem is certainty from the AV.

i install them separately. and the freezing happening only with the AV.
the fw is ok. defence + also.

thank you.

I had the same problem .
but my os is xp professional sp3.
Verison of CIS : 3.13.126709.581
Virus Signiture Database Version:3658
Date this first occured:January 17, 2010

I am also having an issue with the system locking up on startup. I have performed a complete reinstall of XP Pro SP3 and the system runs great until I install CIS (latest version available on download site). The install goes fine, but when I am directed to restart the system it freeze after login and becomes unresponsive to any commands. I cannot even get Ctrl+Alt+Del to work. I can enter into Safe Mode and see that the bases.cav file has been updated to a much larger filesize (90+MB). The only way that I can achieve a successful login is to delete the bases.cav file while in Safe Mode. When I login everything starts fine and the bases.cav file has been replaced with the smaller default file that is installed initially. I have been using CIS for several weeks with no complaints at all. I don’t understand why the sudden change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
Windows XP Pro SP3

The download site is, unfortunately and annoyingly, one version behind. Download the latest version from COMODO Internet Security 3.13.126709.581 Released .

When deleting the bases.cav it will update shortly after rebooting back in normal mode. I see you are on older hardware. Please give it a little while to update. When possible open the CIS main screen and start the AV updater; you will get the progress indicator. Do you see it (very) slowly but steadily go up?

how can we know when this fix will go out?
until now im without a AV protection and this issue is a little “burning” for me.

if some managers here will update us\this by replying or ‘sticky notice’ it will be great.
its stupid that i will come here every two days and asked if the fix is ready :).

A new release is always stickied in the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS board.

In the meanwhile you can use another free AV program. Avira does a very good job and it is light on resources. Avast and AVG are good candidates as well.

I tried the latest installer but ran into the same problem.

  1. Installed and updated the virus defs.
  2. Allowed the reboot at CIS prompt.
  3. Logged in and the system locks up.
  4. Allowed the system to run for over 4 hours, hoping that it would stabilize; no luck.

Again, if I delete the bases.cav file everything operates as usual until CIS tries to update again.

I will keep checking here in hopes of finding an update. I guess that I will have to switch, at least temporarily, to another AV. I need this PC for online classes and I cannot be down any longer.

i sew today a new update release so how can i know if this update fix the freezing problem?

Latest Database Version: 3690
Release Date (all times GMT): 24-Jan-2010 06:05:22
Number of Definitions Added Today: 4 194
Total Definitions: 4 718 072

89,7 MB (94 063 280 byte)

i still dont understand: does the new database that releasing every few days is including a freeze fix?
why its not describe in the release note?

i dont understand it.

What Release notes are you referring to?

Does the latest AV updates fix the problem for you? Let us know.

There was a problem with one of the generic signatures that caused havoc with some computers. The exact cause was not given but it fixed the problems I saw on my XP installation. Comodo also adapted their QA as this had apparently slipped though the cracks.

ok. its seems like the problem solved on win7. after two updates+two restarts. :-TU

its not perfect…99% softwares loading fine. few have a little slow loading.

i thing you should post an announce about the fixing.

i have a problem with defence+. its keep asking me switching installation mode…how i can stop it?
and what is the deference?


In the [Test case] topic I opened about it they have started to further look into program that are causing high CPU usage after the update. Please read this post by umesh and add your findings.

i have a problem with defence+. its keep asking me switching installation i can stop it? and what is the deference?


When you get a D+ alert the Installer/Updater option is always shown by default for the “Treat this application as” option. It is normal behaviour.

Do you have other questions of problems with D+?

You aren’t going to see announcements regarding virus database updates.

Is it asking you to switch to installation mode or from installation mode? Installation mode is used to reduce popups during software installation. If you are installing something and you select to treat the application as an installer/updater from the popup, (and answer Yes, you want to enter installation mode…) all child processes spawned by the installer are allowed by D+. Meaning, you will get no further popups during installation. Then you will get a reminder every two minutes asking if you want to switch back to your previous mode. Select Yes again.

I found that disabling CTFMON.EXE solved my virus scanner freezing problem here is the link for it hope it works for you it did for me good luck PC Hell: What is CTFMON.EXE and How Can I Remove It