CIS Free w/Sandboxie & other questions

Never having installed anything Comodo (except for BoClean back in the day), I am looking closer at some of the Comodo offerings, and I have a couple compatibilty-type questions.

CIS Free looks like I can install it on a per-component basis, i.e. I can choose to not install the sandbox if I don’t want it… correct? I am thinking that Sandboxie and Comodo’s sandbox would be redundant.

Can a user also choose to turn a given component off, as opposed to choosing to not install it?
Forex, I currently run ClearCloud DNS. Could I toggle Comodo’s SecureDNS service off and on, or must I make a decision during installation as to whether or not I want it onboard?

Does CIS Free come with a HIPS?

How does Comodo firewall behave with other computers on a LAN that are running a different firewall, say like OA? Is it unwise to run a couple networked boxes with different FWs?

I look forward to some input.

Hey fracTure

CIS free comes with HIPS. The firewall of CIS every configurable and will act as you want. If you want people to see you will need to add that certain network, same goes for network printers (taht you need to add them as safe network before you can print something).

When you install CIS you may choose what you want to install, if you want AV, or only the firewall or both and if you want Comodo secure DNS server.

I hope this helps a bit on the way.

Valentin N

That helps alot, Valentin N.

So there is no turning a feature off and on… it is either installed or it isn’t, right?
I believe that is what you’re saying.

Are you aware of any compatability issue between CIS and Sandboxie?

Do you know if a user could obtain the Comodo SecureDNS server addresses and simply add them himself in the network connections settings, as is the case with ClearCloud and NortonDNS?

Thanks for the reply!

when you say features could you tell me what you think of; lets say that you install the AV component by mistake you can also chose to unmark it by going where you uninstall your application through windows and select change. same goes for all other CIS components (firewall and Geekbuddy).

I have had sandboxie and I haven’t experience any problems and if there is problems with sandboxie and CIS just ask and we will help.

you can always change the dns server

If you decide to install CIS be aware that the start up may take longer; d+ may pop up.

Valentin N

You’ll find also lots of usefull information in the user’guide Comodo Help

As far as I know there are no compatibility issues between CIS and Sandboxie. They both perform very different tasks (assuming you’re talking about the automatic sandbox).

While Sandboxie virtualizes programs the automatic sandbox in CIS is more like an automated Defense+. It automatically blocks or allows certain actions based on the level you set it to. This is for the sake of usability. You get significantly fewer popups with the sandbox enabled than you do if you disable it and rely only on Defense+.

You can’t toggle Comodo’s SecureDNS off or on, but here are the servers to use if you choose to enable it in the future.

Yes, the protection is the same between the free and paid versions. What you get with the paid versions is better support, and TrustConnect.

If you want my advice on how to configure CIS please see this article.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


I use both Sandboxie and CIS and haven’t encountered any problems. I also use the automatic sandbox in CIS because as Chiron mentioned, they aren’t really doing the same thing.

But yes, you can enable and disable all of the different components of CIS. AV, Firewall, HIPS, and Sandbox can all be disabled from the taskbar icon. Although if you want to disable the HIPS permanently, there is another setting.

Wow, seriously, you folks are giving some very helpful advice.
Thanks Valentin N again.
Thanks Boris 3 for the User Guide link.
Thanks Chiron for the CIS configuration article that you authored. Between that and the UG, I should be occupied for awhile.
And thanks HeffeD for the info about enabling/disabling components. Sounds like I can install everything and still disable settings later if I want to.
Also HeffeD and Chiron, I appreciate the input on Comodo auto sandbox compared to Sandboxie. This tells me that I may try running them both simultaneously and there won’t be overlap of coverage.

I definitely have some homework to do before installing CIS, but when I finally make the change, I’ll be glad to report back. :-TU