CIS Free updates remove settings

Has anybody else been experienceing odd behaviour after updates recently. After the last two updates, my CIS resets to original settings and then constantly sandboxes my installed software status, even when I select ‘do not isolate again’ !!
It is getting really frustrating and annoying, as previously it always rememberd the previous installations settings and always remembered which programs I had ???selected as safe.

Export your configuration, reload it and run as a custom configuration. Maybe the updates are resetting the default configurations. Does it reset everything? Maybe it’s just erasing the list of trusted files.

I also have notice this every since the last update. All my setting weather it be what to monitor or how long to keep a alert up on the screen are reset to default. Even the sandbox security level is reset. I normally use untrusted and it reset to Partially Limited. Please check into this.

What Windows version are the two of you using? Did you update using the program updater?

I am using Windows 7 Premium 64 bit I did a clean install then I set the settings but when it updated the TVL it reset everything back to default settings. The update of the TVL was 2 days after I installed the latest version 1236.

Without precautions it will update the TVL.