CIS fragments (?) messing up my Win10?


first of, I’ve been using CIS for years now, and I’m pretty happy with the possibilities and reliability …
Anyway, just having re-installed one of my machines due to SSD upgrade, I’ve run into a problem … with a new, clean Win10 install, and only having re-installed maybe a dozen programs or so, I’ve ran into a problem where suddenly both Windows and CIS can’t seem to do updates anymore … Checking for Windows updates, it takes forever before coming up with an error, and even searching for drivers for new devices fails. CIS is trying to get AV patterns and stuff, and also can’t get anything.
I tried to uninstall CIS, but get an error, stating I should call Comodo for assistance.
The error presented by Windows supposedly references the Windows Defender, though all of Windows’ firewall functionality has been disabled.

I checked with another machine, updates still work fine with it, so it’s not related to the network access of my LAN. Also, anything else that uses the Internet still works fine.

I’ve tried multiple times to uninstall CIS, keep getting errors on the uninstall. Also tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest Windows feature update (1909?) in the hopes it would fix whatever went wrong, but still no change.

I’m out of ideas. At the moment I’m almost at the point of trashing the new install and re-installing Win10 again … of course, just finding and fixing the problem would be preferable. I know the details I’m able to provide are pretty scarce, but maybe somebody has an idea of how to really remove CIS completely, in the hopes that removal of some leftover driver could fix this …

P.S. - Windows error was 0x800705b4

Hello GarryG,

Thank you for reporting,let me know your CIS version please?
If you are using v12.1.0.6914 it has some Un-installation problem and it’s fixed in Beta Versions it will reflected in the Upcoming stable release.So please wait for the stable release.

For uninstallation Issue :
Kindly use the latest Comodo Uninstaller Tool (Select upon your windows bit) for the clean Uninstallation of the CIS and then Install CIS.

Note : During Uninstallation it needs twice reboot of your PC for Complete uninstallation of the program so please don’t ignore them.

Kind Regards,