CIS "forgets"?

CIS seems to “forget” everything every now and then and start asking me about every single program/spftware/decision on my PC. I know for a fact that it already knows these are safe programs but it will eventuall ask me about CD, KMPlayer, CSC when they start, or even task manager of all things. It seems like the update process is also ■■■■■■■ up when this happens. It’s VERY annoying. Any ideas?

It sometimes happens that the My Trusted Software Vendors list breaks down. Running Diagnostics may help here.

Sorry, it took me a while to revisit this. I can restart the system and all is well, other than that, CIS pitches a fit and will not function properly. It also won’t update during this time, I’ve seen it not update for 24 hours or more when I’ve been away from the PC.