CIS force me to install the premium version

i just realize in the task list running on windows it is “comodo internet security premium” name that appears.
during the installation i intentionnaly choose to not select the premium version. why is it installed. the program does what it wants against my choice. it is not normal at all. how to uninstall the features of the premium version?

in the list of the windows uninstallation programs, i have “comodo antivirus”, “comodo dragon” and “geekbuddy”

if i uninstall geekbuddy is it equivalent to an uninstallation of the premium version?

other question, in the program list i dont see “comodo firewall” or any name that describes the firewall. is it normal? how to do if one day i want to uninstall the firewall?

Hi ahahah,
Premium = Free.
The Firewall and AV are both components of Comodo Internet Security including the free (Premium) version.
During installation of the free version you have the option to not install GeekBuddy.
Uninstalling GeekBuddy will not affect the Firewall or AV component of the free version.
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Kind regards.