CIS for windows tablets?

Windows 8 tablet OS has been announced by MS and by Allah,s will, we will see windows tablets/ slates next year.

Will CIS support tablets/ slates? It,s too early but I just wanted to see the response.


The short answer is “yes”. :slight_smile:

Windows 8 provides the full Windows experience across all types of systems–rather than having a special tablet variant–so software that is made compatible with Windows 8 will inherently support tablets. It’s based in part on Windows 7 so it probably won’t take too long for Comodo and others to make their products compatible with it.

You might be interested in checking out the Building Windows 8 video if you haven’t already; it shows Windows 8 in action and explains a lot more about it.

yes, i know it.

From what I read I gather that Windows 8 will support ARM based tablets but that the programs coded for the Intel processors will not run on them unless Microsoft would make an intermediate layer.

I have no idea if Comodo would make two versions of the same program; one for Intel based and one for ARM based tablets.