CIS for win2008r2 ?

Hello. I’am using win2008r2 as terminal on my desktop computer. When i try to install cis 5.10.228257.2253 installer says not supported os. So, what do you success? Thank you.

No one ???

CIS is only for Desktop computers.
Windows Server OS is not supported yet.

So, which product of yours suited for me?

As you know, Windows Server OS is used for other purposes different than any Desktop OS.

You can find many Comodo Products that can be used for a server (depending on your services).
Here is a brief list so you can give it a try (most of them include trials):

. Comodo Antivirus (disable sandbox and defense+)
. Comodo Cloud
. Comodo Antispam Gateway
. Comodo Endpoint Security Manager
. Comodo DNS
. Comodo HackerGuardian
. Comodo SSL Certificate
. Comodo Programs Manager
. Comodo Network Center (beta)
. Comodo SiteInspector
. And more
. Much more :wink:

Allright than, cloud scanner seems suitable for me and thank you.