CIS for linux

I will love to see CIS for linux, it will make linux more secure and safe. :P0l
Go for it comodo be the best internet security in linux. ;D

Me too…
The firewalls and on demand scanners for Linux are, for us, Windows minded users, very complicated. Comodo could make them simpler and better :slight_smile:

why not for Macs too. Then for Android, iOs etc etc… I will love that. Can even pay for that. :slight_smile:

Comodo! come on, give us a ubuntu version pls.

Yes aigle, i m also waiting so eagerly for comodo to launch CIS for ubuntu.

Are there definite plans for an Ubuntu CIS? I would like this option too.

Thanks ools, i m sure there are lot of Ubuntu/Linux users surely waiting for comodo internet security for linux, lets hope it happens soon.

both coming guys…both coming…

WOW!!! Thanks alot Melih :comodorocks:

Awesome, you’ve made a lot of guys VERY happy!!! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU


What an amazing guy!
The most progressive IT Security Company

[i]+1, should be a version for every operating system

Good to know. Thanks :-TU

I am looking forward to see CIS for Linux :slight_smile:

Melih, any chance Comodo will establish a Repository? Or will it have to be a self-install?

I’m hoping for a Repository!

I would love to see a Comodo Firewall repository!!

I will use Firewall-Only on Ubuntu so as to get outgoing protection. I’m not interested in running the HIPS etc., just the firewall.

A repository for the firewall would be awesome. Hoping it becomes a reality.

i think linux/mac are enought secure, but for firewalls
why would they need an antivirus, but if is for scan a windows pc while booting on a live-os

Ubuntu does not have Outgoing firewall protection by default. I like outgoing protection mostly for privacy purposes, but it also has a security component as well.

Linux/MAC doesn’t need AV’s ?
Ask any professional, any Computer Tech,
They will / should say that MAC/Linux’s are not immune to malware
They do have malware just as Windows or any OS;

Just not ‘as’-Common as Windows;
Why? Windows is more popular
(I said “popular” NOT “much better”)


It’s important that that comodo in the future protections us from all kind of malware, regardless what OS the malware is specialized in. And I don’t think it’s bad for comodo linux version to have signatures for windows malware.