CIS for enterprises?


ok, i’ve read the FAQ but, i do have a question that needs an official answer:

Is there any limitations for the use of CIS in enterprises??? For example, does it have a limited number of computers i can install it (MSI has a limitation of 10 pcs on small and medium businesses)?

or can i install it anywhere i want (office, small enterprises, big enterprises and so on) in as many computers as i want without any limitation?

sorry for asking this, but i need it clarified before i think about changing to CIS.


Hi tretas

The stand-alone installers for CIS can be used unlimited but you need to manage them all ‘local’.
If you need to manage a large number of CIS installations it might be worth investigating ‘Comodo Endpoint Security Manager’.

The newest release is running a beta stage at the moment ESM-BE beta


yes, i’ve been looking into that as well!!! There is no more than 25 pcs! I’m the (friend) guy that is making the recommendation of Comodo as a free software the the owners.

for know, the idea is to let them know about Comodo, then let them know Endpoint :wink:

Anyway, i don’t want any legal problems for them. That’s why i asked and wanted to clear it out.

So, CIS ( Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security ) can be installed anywhere (from home to small/medium businesses to large enterprises) for free (and in an unlimited pcs…), right?



Thanks :slight_smile:

Another question… any clue when the virus remover technology present in CCE will be integrated into CIS? :slight_smile: Or is it already in the new beta?

No announcements have been made about the time of release for this.

great :frowning:

thanks, anyway,Baxan

it has been stated many times by Melih that they are going to stay separate products