CIS/FIREWALL - Windows task manager

Hi, one of the windows 8/8.1/10 features that i like the most is the new task manager, who is really usefull to see how your pc is being used by aplications and services, howhever, since i installed CIS the network monitor stopped working properly.

As you can see, it shows the total amount of network data i’m using right now. however in the detailed process tab it stopped showing the individual network usage by process (the maximum amount is 0,01mbps).

(Sorry my bad English, happy holidays from Brazil.)

The same problem for me.

SO: Windows 10 x64

Merry Christmas!

Please edit your post using the required bug reporting format so that it can be forwarded to comodo thanks.

really? why do i have to fill a giant form for a simple glitch? better find another antivus then…

I request that COMODO modify your requirements when your users inform an bug. But simplicity, please. How others companies that not solicit an big formulary.

Please note the Board Moderators are not Comodo Staff, nor are the Global Moderators we are all volunteers who spend their time trying to help others.

The requirements are all that is needed for all bug reports so that the Board Moderators can forward them to the Comodo Staff.

Sorry unless you give the details the bug cannot be forwarded as Comodo Staff will not look at them.

Yes, we have ask for Comodo Staff on numerous occasions to monitor the Bug boards, but this has never happen and this is the only way we can do it.

Without the volunteer Board Moderators the Bug board would not exist.

Thank you


Okay. But the question is: Why the excess of informations in formulary, if the user send informations simple that allow identify the problem?

Other question: Others companies not request much of yours users. Bug is informed of form voluntary too.

Doesn’t look simple to me. :slight_smile:

Oh really? Is very simple for me. The user inform that network data in task manager not count (freeze) after install COMODO Firewall.

Why COMODO not launch an tool of diagnostic and users only post the log that tool generate?

We have asked numerous times, and also for a easy way to do it from the CIS gui aswell.

I am afraid nothing has happen in the years of asking, so you either do what is asked so the bug will be fixed or do nothing.

Sorry that is the best we can do, we cannot force Comodo to provide the ask for items as it is a free product.

Thank you


You cannot cover all issues. Besides that, there’s a performance penalty and users will find it intrusive.

As no progress has been made to use the required bug report format, I am moving this to format incomplete issues. If the OP or anyone can make the requested report it can be forwarded to Comodo for investigation. Thanks.