CIS Firewall settings

What is the best setting recommended under firewall settings of CIS—Custom Ruleset or Safe Mode? I want my browsers to launch quickly. I don’t like when a browser lags.

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There is no difference.

There’s no difference? Then why to we have the option of setting the firewall at custom ruleset or safe mode? It must make some kind of difference.

With Custom Ruleset you can make rules exactly as you would like them. Once you made the rules for your browsers CIS will follow those. There is not influence on performance only on the level of security that you seek.

I dont think is the FW to slow down your browser, the only FW setting that could affect speed is the website filtering. Maybe is the AV part, if you have it installed too

Ok. Forget about the fast browser launching. So what you are saying is custom ruleset is the better firewall setting than safe mode correct?

In safe mode, trusted app can access internet even if you haven’t created a specific rule for them.
In custom ruleset mode, only apps with a specific rule can access internet, even if they are trusted apps.

Great! Thank you all for the information.