CIS Firewall Network Settings

Please excuse my ignorance, but I am confused! I have my home wireless network classified as “safe”…as I need to transfer files and have access to the other computers in my home. However, I travel quite a bit, and need to access free internet at airports, libraries, coffee shops, etc. - places where I need to access the internet, but do not want anyone on the public network to have access to my computer. The only choices I can see to classify any network is either “safe” or “block”. I am concerned that if I block a public network, I won’t have internet access. Is that the way it works? Or does blocking merely prevent someone on the network to access my computer files?

When I first access a public network, windows asks me to classify it either as a home (safe) network or as a public network. Does this give me the protection I need?

So my question is…what CIS Firewall settings will provide me the protection I require, yet not inhibit my access to the internet on public networks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

On top of the choice what type of network you connect to it is best to put CIS stealth. To do so go to Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → now choose “Block all incoming connections stealth my ports to everyone” → finish. Now your Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy) have been changed.

Do you have have ports opened in your CIS set up?

I’m not sure I fully understand your suggestion…but I tried the first part and ran into difficulty. I entered Stealth Ports Wizard and selected “Block all” option then clicked FINISH. I received the message “your firwall lhas been configured accordingly”. When I check to make sure it was indeed changed by re-activating the Stealth Ports Wizard, it’s back to “Define a new Trusted network stealth my port to EVERYONE else…” (first option). When I click NEXT, I get the option to “I would like to trust an existing My Network zone”. In the Zone Name window are listed all the sites I’ve connected to in the past several weeks, including my HOME network. When I select to trust my HOME network, it tells me that it is already trusted. I am hesitant to select any of the several public network sits listed…because the only option is to “trust” it (no option to be protected from intrusions from that site). How can I tell if these public networks are or are not “trusted”? How do I protectg myself if they are? This old man is confused…somebody HELP…in non-techno directions that this near senior citizen can understand!! Many thanks!

All I want is to have fulll sharing capabilities with my HOME network…and to be protected from intrusions/attacks when I’m accessing the internet on public sites. Can someone please tell me how to do that?

Maybe it would be helpful to explain how I my settings on CIS. I followed Kyle’s guide to setting up Defense + on this CIS forum in the Guides section:

OK… I’m a slow learner. I just set up my firewall according to Kyle’s tutorial on this CIS forum’s GUIDEs.

Hopefully I’m set… After following this setup I’m able to have full sharing capabilities on my Home Network…and I’m assuming that I’m at least somewhat protected when I’m on other networks…

I was wrong when I assumed that setting up Defense + according to Kyle’s tutorials would take care of everything… Now I’m going to check out his anti-virus setup tutorial and see what changes I need to make there…

Don’t understand much of this stuff…but Kyle’s tutorials are very helpful and I’ll just have to trust his expertise… Thanks Kyle!