CIS firewall locks un on WinXP restart/shutdown

This happens repeatedly and started occurring a few months back. Prior to then - no problems.

I have to do a hard system reset every time I need to reboot. If I don’t force the shutdown, the PC will sit there forever waiting for Comodo to let go (as I discovered when I returned form some time away July 4th weekend).

There aren’t any event log error records written and nothing that I can find in Comodo logs that point to any kind of problem.

I have done a complete uninstall but this did not make any difference.

Running WinXp SP3

Using release: CIS 5.5.195786.1383


When the uninstall did not work it probably did not or not could remove cfp.exe.

Try a clean installation of CIS. To make sure it is fully uninstalled run the uninstaller, reboot and boot into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode run this clean up tool. When done boot back in Windows. Make sure everything is working properly then try a clean installation.

Before uninstalling you can export your active configuration so you can import it again after the clean install. Importing and exporting configuraitons can be done under More ==> Manage My Configurations.

I too have this problem with 5.5.195786.1383 release. Have removed and re-installed but problem remains.

Disabling firewall in startup items and running after WIn XP SP3 startup fixes problem but I need it to start automatically.

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It may be worth looking at Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service This fixed a lot of shutdown problems for me when I used XP.

I’ve been running that for some time. It doesn’t make any difference.

I did a complete uninstall and ran the Comodo cleanup program from here also. Didn’t help the problem either.

If that didn’t help it’s likely a driver/hardware conflict. You can enable Winlogon Logging to trace shutdown events and thus get an idea about which part of the shutdown process is causing the problem. You can find the details for enabling debugging at:

It’s not a difficult process, just a little time consuming.

Well, the question is if Comodo is the only app having a problem, is the problem with my machine or Comodo? Since at least one other has a similar problem ( and I think I have heard of others), my money would be on Comodo as the problem root.

I will take a look at the link you provide and see how much work is involved in trying to to get a trace working.

Indeed, some do have problems with XP shutdown, there again some don’t. In those situations where there are problems, it may well be that CIS is a contributing factor, however, it also suggests something else may also be interfering with the process.